Ruby Port

Ruby Port is the most representative type of port wine, and its name is given because it is dark red like Ruby.
Ruby Port has a strong ruby ​​color among the port wines brought in from Douro, condensing fruitiness and being strong.
In order to produce a beautiful ruby ​​color, it is necessary to minimize contact with oxygen during aging, and aging is done using barrels or stainless steel tanks called Barceiro.
It is a ruby ​​port with a fruity aroma and strong astringency, but the oxidation after opening is not so strong. Care should be taken as quality drops in about 8-10 days.
Unlike Tonyport, barrel ripening is as short as 3 months, and Rubyport uses black grapes as a raw material, but there is a white port made from white grapes.
Some of the special Ruby ports are vintage ports and late bottle ports.