Sell wine on Terroirum marketplace
What can I do in the Marketplace?
Buying and selling wines

General and business can buy and sell wines at low cost


Vintage wines and rare wines can be listed at auction.

Flexible store management

In the marketplace, you can operate efficient stores such as holidays and large groups.


Are you a wholesale customer? Marketplace offers a simple solution.

Low cost
Initial / Monthly Fee

$ 0 / month is for free plan only

Sales commission

* Separately, 3.6% of Stripe fee for receiving credit card payment is required.

How it works

Register a seller account

If you already have a Terroirum account, registration takes only 5 minutes. Registration is possible only with the basic information of the seller.No need to register debit or credit card information.


Initial Settings

Log in to the sales management screen and set up withdrawals and shipping charges. If you want more customization, you can register your store logo, closing days, and social networks that are relevant to you, making it easy to build your brand.


Add Products

You can easily add products simply by entering the product name, price and number of items in stock. However, choosing a genre specific will make it easier for to everyonefind the wines that you have exhibited.
Attracting customers to the product page (such as SEO measures) is done by Terroirum, so the seller only has to wait for the order to be placed. (SEO measures for each store can be customized)


Receive orders / Shipping

Check the order details from the management screen, pack it securely and ship it

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